United Credit recently underwent a company rebrand, and was in need of a new way to tell prospective customers about their mission, services, and values. We partnered to produce a flagship explainer video to effectively tell their company story in a design and animation style that elevates their new brand.
As United Credit’s first animated video under their new brand, it was important to establish a design and animation style that elevated United Credit’s foundational brand values. We collaborated to develop a treatment style that features a focus on character animation, bright colors on grayscale backgrounds, split-screen frames, grainy texture and a 12 frames-per-second, traditional animation feel. This visual treatment was complemented with a friendly, conversational voiceover and positive, carefree music and sound design. This art direction supports United Credit's brand values, including: people-focused and friendly, collaborative and united, trustworthy and experienced, and service-driven.
Nick Apperson: Art Direction, Design, Animation, Sound Design
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